Any postponement or cancellation, kindly does so before the order cut off time. Cancellation can be done only via email to or through our app we do not accept cancellation via phone call, SMS or whatsapp.

For cancellation of under processing orders we charge 50% of the price of perishables. Lot of effort goes behind to ensure you get good quality produce. So, humbly request you to cooperate in this regard.

However, please note, there are no cancellation charges on non-perishable items. 


At the time of delivery – If you are unhappy with the quality of our product, you can return the same at the time of delivery. Just take a minute to write your feedback in our delivery sheet, so we can learn from it and avoid such in the future. 

A small advice, from our experience so far, it is unfair for organic produce to be judged based on its cover. Typically organic produce may not be the best looking, unlike their non-organic friends, since no chemical additions are made at any point to make it look good. But they are normally very good inside. So, if you want to return the produce due to exterior appearances (either not appealing or looking dull or in case of bananas it looks blackish), we would request you to please give the veggies a try and in case you do feel the same even after that, we would most definitely refund the money.

What happens to the money if you have paid online or through a wallet? 

In case you have paid for the same online or via wallet, we will credit the same to your wallet within 2 working days, which can be used against your future purchases. Just ensure you write the same in our delivery sheet.

Post-delivery, due to quality issues

Please drop us an email with the issue and a picture to 

Fruits and Vegetables – within one days of delivery in case of any quality issues. Send us a picture of the issue so we can understand it better.

Non Perishables – within 7 days of delivery. If unopened, we will be fine to take it back. However, if it is opened, we will have to consider it on a case to case basis.  Please note we will NOT be able to refund for non-perishable products without returning the product. So please ensure the product is kept aside for return in original packaging. Typically we will take back the same with the next order.


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