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Organic products may sound costly in price, but practically our organic products are cheaper than chemical farming and damn cheaper than your medical expenses.

  • Organic products may sound costly in price, but practically our organic products are cheaper than chemical farming and damn cheaper than your medical expenses.
  • Our farmers are practicing IOARC norms in cultivation of organic produce.
  • And business maintains transparency between our farmers and our customers.
  • It meets the quality standards of International certification norms.
  • Our products Assure betterment of our family Health Standards.

The major contribution to the environmental damage is due to large amounts of hazardous chemicals being used in the agriculture industry. Which in-turn has adverse effects on our health.

  • It’s been observed in recent times that many new viruses are getting developed and threatening our lives. 
  • It becomes necessary that we focus on developing our immune system to fight against these viruses. 
  • One way of fighting against these foreign bodies is to switch to organic food habits.
  • This has been proved by our ancestors by their lifestyle.

Good Way’s definition of the word Organic –

“Anything that is chemical free and provides health benefits to living beings”. Good Way Organics was established 11 years back with the vision of helping farmers to practice chemical free farming and provide quality products to customers. 

We are focusing on the innovations in the field of research and development in organic farming and customer experience. Our mission is to create awareness about organic farming, products and its importance among common people.

We have adapted the concept “Let’s Help Each Other” to benefit

  •  Farmers by assuring them market for selling the produce
  •  Customers by providing quality products at best price

Today we are proud to say that our Good Way Organic family has around 850+ farmers and 3000+ happy customers. To stay connected with our family and to grow big, we have come up with a digital platform.

  • Assure health benefits and in-turn make customers happy.
  • Improvement / Betterment of the family’s health status.
  • Pocket friendly products with quality.

Our Assets:

  • Trust & Quality – An Organic brand that is trustworthy in the market and never compromise on quality
  • Family – A Family of happy farmers and healthy customers.


  • Come forward to connect and cultivate
  • Farm Life
  • Agri Entrepreneur Course
  • Agri Startup Incubation
  • Trekking

Why do you Love Good Way Organic ?

Organic groceries, vegetables, greens, personal care, cosmetics, home care, garden care, milk, egg and many more products.

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Our farmers are certified under International Standards of National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP) – APEDA and National Organic Program (NOP) USDA Certified Organic Farming.

Our farm research centres IOARC (Integrated Organic Agriculture Research Centre) are operating at many places across India. IOARC has developed organic and biofertilizers for getting better yield, pest and disease management for effective organic farming.

We train our farmers to maintain the documentation of steps followed in farming and ensure that they do periodic tests on soil, water and farm produce.

Our products are handpicked directly from our network of farmers, we can 100% guarantee that the products we deliver Fresh. If you are not happy with products that we deliver, the same can be returned back at no extra cost and we will refund the amount.

No Delivery fee, No Hidden Charges, No Transaction Charges, No Penalty!

Our products have the best prices in the market. We maintain the ethical pricing and transparency in our business to provide the best price to our customers and never compromise on quality. We regularly work on cutting down the unnecessary cost in farming, transportation etc. to provide best pricing.

 We work on the “Let’s Help Each Other” concept where we help both farmers and customers. We help farmers in getting the best yield with low cost and provide technical assistance to sustain agriculture. We are providing an assured market to sell their Produce. We provide quality organic products to customers at the best price. This way we ensure our family members i.e. Farmers and Customers are Happy

Interested in cultivation and want to know the basics of farming?

If yes, we provide an opportunity to connect with our farmers’ families to interact, know the basics of farming and feel the real time farming experience by getting your hands dirt at our farms. We conduct weekend classes and sessions on organic agriculture at our research centre. To know more, please reach out to us through WhatsApp 9108001111. 

We try to avoid the use of plastics in packing our products to the maximum extent. We get the products from our network of local farmers to avoid more contribution towards carbon footprints by reducing the distances in transportation.


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